Calvary currently supports local missions and missions around the world that range from Christ-centered pregnancy services to spreading the gospel into the Muslim world. Our desire is to partner with those whom God has called and sent around the world to reach and teach the Good News to all nations.

We Support:

Some of the missions organizations we support include the Aboriginal Bible Academy, New Hope Children’s Home, Peru Camps International, World Evangelism Crusade, Sudan Mercy ShipsNew Zealand Missions Aviation Fellowship, Rehema Home and more.

We also support missions & missionaries in the following countries: Mexico, Ukraine, China, Ghana, Egypt, Bosnia Herzogivina, India, Scotland and Paragua, with a strong internationally and U.S.emphasis on ministering to Muslims.

Fall Missions Conference

Every fall Calvary has a Mission’s Conference which brings in some of the missionaries we support. This is a wonderful time to see the world through different eyes and partner with those reaching the unreached.